Airtel buys Satellite Internet company OneWeb

Bharti Group to launch satellite internet services by early 2022. Policies in the space sector need to be light-touch, but with strong guidelines on national security & foreign policy. Low latency of OneWeb LEO satellites’ constellation is a game-changer.

It is London headquartered company that is working on making an internet satellite constellation sat will provide internet to earthlings via satellite. In short, it will provide space for internet service. It will be fast and low latency they claim. They make a satellite-like house. This means the satellite looks like a house. They are around 150kg of salt. Previous investors were very well-known names are like Qualcomm, SoftBank, virgin, airbus, and many more. As of now, 78 sats are active in orbit of OneWeb.

The stack of airtel in this company is around 45% and another 45% is on the British government. So this is how this company started again and makes the new device for us. This is the very big news of now. Suppose we are now in India from anywhere we can use the internet from every corner of India. Imagine this the current situation of work from home suppose we shift in any small town for any problem we can access the internet speed as same as in the city. So basically it is based and the main purpose of the company is to cover the village area network.

Benefits of this deal:

1) it is good for our Indian defence service and airforce service.

2) the best thing is that we can use the internet in any corner of the world it is best for our village area.

3) more effective connectivity.

4) easy to use and makes our work easier via the internet.

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