Well, it is surprising to know that NASA has sent its perseverance rover to mars that have a technology similar to iMac. iMac i.e. apple computer had this technology about 22 years ago. Basically, a rover is a mechanism that helps researchers and scientists to discover new things about mars. Like is there any life on mars? Is there a survival temperature? study soils while taking panoramic photos of the Martian landscape and much more.

Recent reports from the new scientist guy Gizmodo, reveal that Rover has been undergone some minor required changes otherwise it is the same as Apple iMac. Powering the rover is a RAD 750 processor that is based on the PowerPC 750 processor. Well, the fun fact is that the same chip (used in the Apple processor) was used earlier in spacecraft and another Martian rover.  The RAD 750 processor onboard the Perseverance rover has a single-core 233 MHz CPU with a total of 6 million transistors, similar to the PowerPC 750 processor. Since Mars is not an electro-friendly planet this rover is made durable against radiation to keep it working. This single upgrade makes the RAD 750 chip cost upwards of $200,000. The rover houses a PowerPC 750 single-core, 233MHz processor with just 10.4 million transistors that powered the original Mac launched in 1998. Even affordable smartphones today have more than 1,000 times as many transistors.

Such technology will definitely give us a positive result and all the things we are hoping for from mars. It is a huge investment but with great benefits. “A bad burst of radiation can badly wreck the sensitive electronics of a modern processor,” according to the report. Perseverance has two computing modules, and one is a backup in case anything goes wrong. It is being said that now at least till the next two years this rover is going to ramble upon the surface of Mars. Let’s hope for the best.

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